The Benefits of Link Earning Rather Than Link Building

About LinksIf you have been a webmaster for the past few years, you may have noticed huge changes in the world of SEO. Indeed, there have been many updates and Google algorithm updates which have made SEO much, much harder than it was ever before. Just before the close of 2015 there was a huge Google update which de-indexed thousands of private blog networks, leaving some of the top SEO gurus with huge losses in rankings. Hence, with this in mind, it’s important to understand that in 2015 it’s much more beneficial to link earn rather than link build. This article will look into this.

SEO is essentially centered completely around link building. Whether you are building very specific and legit looking links through a private blog network or are spamming blog comments on any website you can find, you are essentially link building. Link building is essentially bad in terms of long term SEO results as the term link building implies that it is not natural. Indeed, it means that you had to set out and create links that look like are from other people when in fact it is just you that is doing it. As you can tell, Google absolutely hates this practice and that is why it has become so much harder to get SEO results through link building as of late.

Links comparisonThis is where link earning comes into play. Link earning means that you don’t go and build a link yourself, it means that you earn it. It means that someone else goes ahead and links to you, because they think that your content is worth it. This is what SEO was truly made for in the first place. Links were meant to be a sign from someone else on the internet showing their support for your content and essentially giving you a ‘vote’ so that you get higher rankings on the search engines. Of course, individuals took advantage of this by creating these ‘votes’ by themselves. However, as you can tell, sooner or later Google is going to make it so the only links that will be counted will be legitimate ones from other web masters.

With this in mind, the concept of content truly is king is becoming more and more prevalent lately. Seeing as it has become immensely hard for someone to boost their rankings through link building, web masters are opting to go the extra mile and create some actually useful and well written content on their websites. When they do this, they don’t have to do any link building at all, because they will earn links naturally from others. When truly great content is published, you will earn links from others as they will find the content truly helpful and worth sharing with others.

An example of an instance of link earning would be if you were to start a blog about Food and Restaurants in UAE . If you go ahead and make a great piece of content that is not only very helpful but easy to read and look at, you may earn a link from some of the top food review sites such as Time Out Dubai. Earning a link from a site such as Time Out Dubai will make your Food and Restaurant blog instantly famous with lots of viewers. You will be receiving these viewers not because you had a great black hat link building strategy, but because you actually went ahead and provided the Food and Restaurant community with something useful, so they earned you great links.

You see, this is how Google truly wants their search engine to be at the end of the day. Only the truly exceptional content appears at the first page. No sites have been ranked through unethical link building, just great sites with great content do. There sites have earned their links, not created them themselves. Honestly, this is going to be hard for lots of webmaster who have relied on link building tactics. However, in the long term, creating some truly exceptional content will ensure a site that will be profitable and successful for years to come.

SEO in Dubai company SHS Services concludes, it’s important that with time, webmasters begin creating some truly amazing content with reader in mind and not search engines, so that they can earn links without having to worry about complex link building strategies.

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